Here are a five videos that I’ve recently produced for myself and for the ensemble that I directed last year, FLEA (FIU Laptop and ElectroAcoustic ensemble). Check them out!

spots of foam on the ocean – FLEA

filling a void with empty space – Alex Lough

shadows mixed in – Carlos Dominguez

improv set with colored lights – FLEA

Improvised set at Swampspace (w/ Alex Lough)


check is a soundfilm that I composed in the summer of 2013 while taking a class taught by Jodie Mack. After messing with a few hand-made film techniques, I got interested in the sound mechanism for 16mm film projectors and experimented with different ways of getting a soundtrack onto the film. Inspired by the work of Roger Beebe and Alexander Stewart, I photocopied some patterns onto strips of film and made loops with varying tones and timbres. This led to the decision to use the xerography [I love this word] process for the entirety of check.

The patterns seen in check are from Jean Larcher’s “Optical and Geometrical Allover Patterns” published by Dover Books (thanks, Rich Fedorchak). I made a few collages from the patterns which helped me visualize a timeline for the piece and ended up photocopying them onto sheets of film-strips. ~230 splices later, check was finished.